10 yrs of Dior Couture by John Galliano

For me there's always been something about John Galliano that I simply just don't like the look of.  His own personal style always seems like he's just trying too hard, I think it's strange that a designer as amazing as him can hardly dress himself.  But I have always absolutely loved his work, the shows are so beautifully theatrical so maybe it would make sense that this would spill over into his personal style.  Oh I dunno when I love a designer I think I just want to love everything about them.  So loving the work and then looking at the person that created these amazing garments and thinking to yourself.... what are you wearing? Do you have no mirrors in your house?! Can never be a good thing.  O.k. rant over! 

I so loved this 10 years of Dior Couture by John Galliano, the amazing garments, the over-sized props, check it out...