Inanimate Beauty

Stone gallery presents Inanimate Beauty in conjunction with PhotoIreland Festival 2010. 

Inanimate Beauty is a solo exhibition of photographs and sculptures by the multi-discipline artist Emer Roberts.  I am slow to voice my opinion on the work as I really do think the work speaks for itself.  But what I will say is well apart from absolutely loving the exhibition the work is multi-layered with a beautiful sense of subtly and I love the way the tones in some of the photographic work are Caravaggio-esque.  At this point I suppose I should mention the subject matter is rats...rats are the artist's muse if you like.  The artist has an amazing ability to make you look at what you think you know, what you think is familiar to you and turn it around.  Check out Inanimate Beauty, Stone Gallery, 70 Pearse Street, Dublin 2.  The exhibition runs until 17th July. 

Here are some pics from the launch night...


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