Jez Eaton's Trashion Show

 Jez Eaton is a Brighton based artist who has been delighting the Brighton community with her amazing makeup and costume designs since her return from Europe in 2007. She is now taking centre stage and is shaking up this year’s Brighton Fashion Week.

‘Trashion Show' is an unusual but beautiful collection of garments created out of everyday household items, packaging etc. and set into scene with imagination and a splash of humour. Umbrellas become ball gowns, sanitary towels are lovingly stitched together and made into 1950s swing dresses, tampons, plastic bags, loo brushes...

Jez Eaton's inspirational 'Trashion Show' at the opening night of Brighton Fashion Week...


  1. Very advanced dare I say it cos I dislike him War Hole~ian. She's brillo pads!


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